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Whiplash! Do I Need an Attorney?

When you hear the word, “whiplash,” it brings to mind many different thoughts: motor vehicle collision (MVC), neck pain, headaches, concussion, jaw pain, litigation, car damage estimates, possibly needing a new car, medical costs, doctor’s appointments, sleepless nights, and more. Questions typically asked when a MVC occurs include the following: 1. Do I need to get an attorney? 2. What can I expect for recovery time from my neck pain? 3. Why is it taking so long to get my car fixed? 4. Should I talk to the insurance company when they call? 5. I have to give a deposition next week. What is that? 6. My case didn’t settle and we’re going to court. How do I prepare for that? 7. The insurance company is offering $XXXX.XX for a settlement. What do you think my problems will be down the road?

Let’s take a look at these!

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