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The Problem of a Low Back Problem

If you watch much television or have paid a visit recently to a family medical doctor for low back pain, the information you’re getting may be a flawed. For example, you’ve probably been told that back problems are not very serious and that the problem is quickly cured with simple treatments, such as going back to work or taking an aspirin. In one commercial that aired not long ago, a patient bent-over in a stuck position is apparently cured by taking two aspirin. These advertisements convey the message that back problems are trivial and that cures come in a bottle.

The reality is far different. Few studies show that taking pills does any good at all. More importantly, they tend to mask mechanical problems of the back that need mechanical types of treatments. Most back pain results from problems involving the spinal joints, either moving too little (fixation dysfunction), or too much (instability). These small problems grow bigger when you consider the spine is the lifeline of good posture. You really can’t do very much with a bad back. You may not be able to work, play, or even sit for longer than fifteen minutes. This can have far reaching consequences for everyday life and its enjoyment.

Treating these minor aches and pains as signals of something wrong that needs to be properly diagnosed and corrected is the best way to manage this type of injury. When these problems are ignored or improperly treated, it’s only a matter of time before the minor sprain turns into something like a disk protrusion, and eventual degeneration or arthritis. With arthritis, there will be substantial limits on the function of the low back and with lack of function comes reduced quality of life.

Doctors of chiropractic specialize in the mechanical treatment of these painful spinal conditions. Treatments involve spinal adjustments, which are designed to correct the misalignments of your low back vertebrae, and improve the range of motion of the individual spinal joints. When joints are functioning normally, the nervous system will be less irritated. Your back muscles will become more relaxed and less painful if the joint is not irritated through improper position or excessive motion.

A comprehensive examination is the only way to determine if chiropractic treatment will be right for your particular spinal problem. Your chiropractor can also provide advice on how to minimize recurrences and prevent future flare-ups. By addressing problems when they’re small, future disability may be avoided.


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