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Surprising Fibromyalgia Solution?

It seems a month doesn’t go by when yet another scientific study is published proving the benefits of exercise for fibromyalgia patients. For example, a 2008 study by Finnish researchers looked at 26 women who were postmenopausal with fibromyalgia symptoms such as widespread pain and fatigue. In the study, the participants either completed a supervised 21-week progressive program that addressed both strength and endurance exercises, or did not exercise and served as a controls.

The research team found the participants who exercised experienced increases in muscle strength and a reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms, especially fatigue.

What is key to this study is both weight training or resistance-type exercises were used along with aerobic conditioning, which works your heart and lungs. This combination coupled with a weight-loss or sound nutrition program are key adjuncts in getting a patient with fibromyalgia to become more active. The addition of chiropractic care rounds out a natural and comprehensive alternative treatment approach. When pain limits your mobility and ability to exercise, chiropractic can help to lessen pain and help you to regain more function.

Research shows again and again the importance of incorporating exercise into a fibromyalgia management program. If you have fibromyalgia and can still walk (even it’s only in a swimming pool), you can begin an exercise program. Just make sure it is doctor-supervised so you don’t go too far, too quickly. Some patients may get excited when they start feeling better and bite off a bit more than their body can chew, resulting in injury or over-training.

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