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Low Back Pain and Subluxation

Subluxation is a term used by some chiropractors to describe a dysfunction involving the vertebral joints when such joints are out of their normal position. But how does a joint get out of its normal position? Usually, the culprit is some sort of trauma but not necessarily at the level of a high fall or a major car accident (although these trauma do cause problems).

For many patients, a trip and tumble that causes a slight sprain to the ligaments in the spine can set the stage for a problem years later if the sprain just slightly alters joint function in that area of the neck or back. In response, the body adapts its movements to compensate for the abnormal motion. Then years later, a simple sneeze or lifting with bad form is all that’s needed to trigger an episode of back pain.

The adjustments performed by doctors of chiropractic are intended to help align the spine and make the movements of spine symmetrical from side to side. This tends to reduce the tension on the surrounding ligaments and muscles, resulting in pain relief.

When your spine moves normally, you may have less pain when you exercise or move the spine in a stressful way. For many, just working without constant pain can be a real lifesaver. Many patients find their moods improve and they cannot wait to return to the sports or hobbies they once enjoyed.


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