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Low Back Pain and Balance Specific Exercises

Low back pain (LBP) and its relationship to balance has been a recent topic on this site, and an initial discussion regarding specific balance exercises was introduced last month. This month’s article will complete the discussion about what you can do to preserve your current balance skills or better yet, improve them! Remember, wear your foot orthotics and don’t forget to move them between your different shoes. Similarly, if you have leg length imbalance, move your heel lift to other shoes or simply purchase additional lifts and keep the heel lift in several pairs of shoes. Also, test your balance skills now before starting a balance exercise program and re-test every 2-4 weeks to measure improvement.

The initial exercise we discussed was standing with your feet together and holding that position for progressively longer times (eyes open and closed). Once you can hold this position with your eyes closed for = 30 seconds, start increasing the balance challenge by:

You can then “make up” exercises standing on the rocker board or cushion like simulating a golf swing, tennis stroke, or other favorite sport, yoga move, etc. Be creative and make it fun!!!


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