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Headaches From The Neck?

Cervicogenic headache is the term used to describe a headache that is caused by dysfunction in the neck. Overall, between 14-17.8% of patients with frequent headaches are believed to suffer from headaches of this nature.

The following is a list of clinical characteristics common among those struggling with cervicogenic headaches:

A 2007 study (Funct Neurol 2007;22:145; Drottning M, Staff PH, Sjaastad O) looked at causes of cervicogenic headaches, specifically whiplash injuries of the neck. In this study, 587 whiplash patients were followed over a six-year period. About 8% of the whiplash sufferers developed a cervicogenic headache within six weeks of the initial trauma and 35% of these patients were still suffering six years later. For a detailed discussion about how whiplash trauma can result in cervicogenic headaches, see Whiplash Injury and Cervicogenic Headache.

If you suffer from headaches and believe yours may originate from a musculoskeletal issue in your neck, a doctor of chiropractic can perform a comprehensive examination of your spine to see if sprains are present in either your cervical or thoracic joints and he or she will also review whether you’ve suffered a past trauma that could have affected the posture and mobility of these delicate spinal structures.

For more on how chiropractic care can benefit the headache patient, see Headaches: How Does Chiropractic Help?

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