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Fibromyalgia and a New Direction

Over time, the fibromyalgia sufferer can become used to the pain associated with their condition. Being in pain becomes their new normal. It becomes normal to wake up and have pain, even if after a restful sleep. It becomes normal to go out for a simple stroll in the park and have it prematurely end in fatigue and pain. It becomes normal to do just about anything and always have the pain along for the ride, like a constant companion (or an unwelcome house guest).

Medications can help but the body can build tolerances to them over time and there are almost always unwanted side effects like the unshakable foggy feeling many fibromyalgia patients complain about.

If this sounds a little too similar to your experience as someone living with fibromyalgia, there’s something you should know…

First, you have to realize that the course you’re on does not have to be a permanent existence. Just as pain has become a constant companion, so too can good health and wellness. Just as your body has learned to live with pain, it can also learn to be pain-free.

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