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Car Accident Insurance: Are You Covered?

Most states require drivers to carry various types of insurance to protect themselves as well as others who may be involved in an unfortunate accident. Drivers (and the institutions that may carry the car’s loan) generally think of the vehicle first when deciding on appropriate coverage. While it’s difficult to think about, you need to also consider injuries to you and your passengers—and potentially other drivers and passengers—should you be determined to be at fault.

Some items to consider are that vehicle repairs can be quite costly, as can healthcare. If you are the cause of a multi-vehicle accident, minimal amounts of insurance may not cover the costs of repairs for expensive new vehicles. In terms of healthcare, an ambulance ride with minimal interventions could cost $1,000-$1,500 dollars. If you spend a few hours or a day in an emergency room, this could run into the thousands of dollars, especially if advanced imaging such as MRI or CT scans are needed. This is just the beginning of your evaluation in a severe accident. Then, there are the costs of care over perhaps months, disability from not being able to work, and other costs. If a few passengers are involved, the costs can soar.

It’s important to discuss these issues with your insurance agent. Is your med pay (medical insurance that can be accessed to pay for care in the event of an accident) adequate? Sometimes med pay premiums are a cost-effective way to get some additional piece of mind. A $1,000.00 med pay allowance will not last long in today’s healthcare environment. Chiropractic care, while very cost effective compared to medicine or surgery, can still run into the thousands if severe injuries result from the accident.

You may also need to consider uninsured and under-insured coverage should another driver be at fault and not adequately insured.


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